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- Twogether Studios ? I'd Like To more !

We’re glad you asked! We are a boutique wedding photography and filmmaking company founded by Nitish and Kundan Kumar in 2018. We are a team of highly motivated, passionate and friendly photographers and filmmakers who make wedding stories for a living. Our work is modern, off-beat and contemporary. See more at our photography showcase here or our wedding films showcase here.

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- What motivates you to shoot weddings?

At Twogether Studios, we’ve thought long and hard about this question. As visual arts professionals who have transitioned from various careers, we’ve found our true calling in the vibrant world of Indian weddings. What truly motivates us is the unique energy, boundless happiness, and rich stories that weddings offer.

We love being part of a joyful family celebration and capturing the most significant day in two people’s lives. The honor and responsibility of telling their story through our lens is something we deeply cherish. Our passion for people drives us, and we believe that documenting weddings allows us to use our talents in the most fulfilling way.

What’s the Twogether Studios experience like?

It’s hard for us to really explain! You can read about experiences other couples have had with us in our testimonials section here.

How long have you been shooting weddings and how many weddings have you shot?

We first started shooting weddings way back in 2017during the renaissance in Indian Wedding Photography. Since then, we’ve shot 250 + of love stories across the world – and look forward to being a part of yours. We’ve shot almost every kind of wedding there is, and never cease to be fascinated by the big-fat-Indian-wedding.

Which locations have you travelled to for shooting weddings?

Yes, of course – we’ve shot weddings all over India. We’ve had the privilege of shooting in almost every corner of India, as well as beautiful destination wedding photography spots like Bihar Jharkhand Rachi Delhi Rajsthan etc

Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding?

We are based in Bihar, India. We have shot weddings all over the India, and are happy to travel to your wedding – wherever it may be! Being based in a major metropolis, we enjoy easy connectivity to all parts of South Asia and the world. 

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